Unless you're a big fan of ugly crying in public, you might want to wait until the latest theatrical release of 'Les Misérables' is released on DVD. Translated in English, Les Misérables means 'the miserable ones' and focuses on the French Revolution. Early reviews indicate the film is breathtaking and masterful with a clear lead of taking the Academy Award for Best Film.

I love crying over movies, I just don't want to blubber in public. I'm an ugly crier. I made the decision to never cry in public after sitting behind a young woman who was emotionally destroyed while watching Leonardo DiCaprio freeze to death while hanging on to a door in Titanic. Afterwards, she was escorted from the theater by her boyfriend and while I felt sorry for her, I was thankful I'd kept myself composed. I kept that vow until I saw 'Passion of the Christ' when the biopic of Christ's final moments made it's theatrical debut. I was wrecked and if I wasn't crying, I was praying God deliver me from the temptation of injuring the man sitting three rows up from me shoving popcorn in his mouth while Jesus was being flagellated. By the time the movie was over, there were small Kleenex remnants all over my face and clothes.

Check out this hysterical video of a couple who were obviously touched by the latest rendition of Les Miserables and let me know what movie destroys your composure?