December 4th, 2012

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Dicken's Downtown tonight in Historic Northport

Local: Former University of Alabama student, Zachary Burrell, 28, has been charged with stalking and making terrorist threats against school officials and is being held on $500,000 bond.

State: New state law limits amount spent on teacher's gifts. The amendment limits gifts from an individual less than $25, not to exceed $50 for a full calendar year with no limitation on homemade goods.

National: The taxman and the law man cometh! IRS issues 159 pages of new rules and law enforcement want cellular service providers to keep logs of customers text messages for two years.

International: Prince William visits Kate Middleton at the hospital after she was admitted for severe nausea. Sources say the Duchess is between six and twelve weeks and possibly expecting twins.

Sports: Bob Costas catching heat for his gun control rant during halftime of NBC’s ‘Football Night in America’ on Sunday. (Cold, dead fingers Bob....cold, dead fingers).

Music:Charlie Daniels blasts Bob Costas for his gun control rant during halftime of NBC's 'Football Night in America' on Sunday.

Entertainment: Movie times will be epic this season. Average film clocking 140 minutes.