The Inaugural Tuscaloosa Krispy Kreme Challenge has come and gone. Over 400 participants enjoyed a day of fun and doughnuts!

You could not have asked for a more beautiful day! The scene at the University Orthopedic Clinic start/finish line this morning looked exactly like every other race held in Tuscaloosa on a brisk February morning. The only thing different this time was the amount of racers waiting for the horn to blow and the obvious Kripy Kreme factor we don’t normally see.

Evan Smith, owner of Krispy Kreme of Tuscaloosa was on hand and had already donned his race bib and was milling around getting people pumped up about the race. Everyone had an unusual look of uncertainty in their eyes, well, at least us with the intentions of running as a “Challenger”.

If you run one mile to Krispy Kreme and eat one dozen doughnuts, you receive a bracelet letting race officials know you are a “Challenger”. If you run and do not eat the doughnuts you are racing as “Casual”.

I had full intentions of running as “Casual” but with the prodding from a co-worker, quickly morphed into a “Challenger”.

The first mile was easy enough. Then we all converged on the vacant lot behind Krispy Kreme of Tuscaloosa where hundreds of racers grabbed a dozen doughnuts and water and gave it their best. The scene was not a pretty scene by any stretch of the imagination. Some competitors were seen shoving stacks of 3-5 doughnuts in their mouths at once, others taking the slow and steady approach. Gags were heard, some gags followed by the inevitable sounds of eating too much, a lot of boasting went on as well as cries for help. But all in all, the air was filled with laughter and sounds of a bunch of people doing what they do and helping raise money and awareness for Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama and YMCA of Tuscaloosa.

Everyone seemed there for the experience. Like me, maybe they wanted the story to tell for years to come!

The one mile race back to UOC was not an easy one either, especially with a stomach for of sugary sweet doughnuts and water. However, everyone did make it back to be greeted by a cheering crowd of “Casual” participants and race volunteers.

We had the doughnut shaped medals placed around our necks, won door prizes, shared stories, then went back to life with a new set of friends and many stories to tell.