Brody turned 5 in April and starts kindergarten on Thursday. We went to his orientation last night. He was pretty excited.

We found his desk. He recognized his name but not the name directly in front of him. Avery. When his mother told him who would be sitting in front of him, he actually jumped up and gave her a hug. Avery is the 5 year old daughter of our neighbors Jenna and Marty Moyer. They have an older son, Joshua, too.

The three kids have been playing together for the last 2 years in each others yards riding bikes, scooters ans playing in the pool. They will even leave each other notes in the mail boxes that say "I want you to come over."

Brody is excited to start school with one of his best friends. It will also make the transition from pre-school to "big boy" school easier on his mom too! I hope they don't give Mrs. Marchant to much trouble!