I feel like we kicked off Summer pretty good. My wife and I had the bright idea to buy Brody a pool for the weekend. I was checking out at Wal-Mart at 6:03 Sunday morning with a 14ft metal frame pool.The pool came with a ground tarp, a cover, a ladder and a cleaning kit. I had to buy an extension cord and a shock kit. A grand total of $322.45. I was in set up mode in our back yard by 7am and planned to have it all together and filling up with water while we went to church at 9:30

We anticipated Brody being able to swim Sunday afternoon. At about 9am a had the pool all together and started filling it with water. I apparently didn't level the ground as I should have. Water pooled up on one side about 6 inches before one drop hit the center. The instructions had in bold "DO NOT SET UP ON UN LEVEL GROUND"

I quickly realized I had bitten off more than I could chew. In disgust, I drained the water dried the pool with a towel and started to dismantle it . At 11am (we missed church), dirty and sweaty, I was headed back to Wal-Mart with the pool all packaged up and the receipt.  I got a refund and bought a $ 12 pool and a $5 snorkel.

We set it up on the deck in 3 min and Brody was as happy as if he were at Disney World so the day wasn't a total waste. We spent the rest of the day cooking on the grill and watching him splash like crazy! A perfect way to ring in Summer!