Some severe weather is headed our way. In an effort to keep you up to speed, Madison and Shepherd caught up with ABC 33/40 Chief Meteorologist James Spann between his hourly weather updates on The Bear. James says, "A really Dynamic storm is going to blow through here tomorrow morning. This is going to be one of those deals where it probably comes through Tuscaloosa sometime between 3 and 7 am" 

Mr. Spann explained the risk of severe thunderstorm warnings and their importance. " What you are going to have tomorrow morning is a number of severe thunderstorm warning...not tornado warnings...but they are going to be important because I think there's great potential for winds within this line of over 70mph. And that's enough to ruin your day."

We asked James for some tips on preparing for an early morning storm. (any severe storm) He ran down a quick check list:

  • Make sure your weather radio is on and programmed properly
  • Those with smart phones should have weather apps that can give warnings
  • Know where you are going (small room, lowest floor, near the center, away from windows)
  • Have a readiness kit (shoes, id, batteries, helmets)
  • Whatever you do, DON'T think you going to hear a siren in your house

James reassures us "The storm tomorrow should be a quick hitting line. It's going to be in and out. And I'd say by 8 o'clock for Tuscaloosa, it's all over."

Hear the complete conversation below: