My son Brody had his 5th birthday on April 15th. We live near the new Jalapeno's Mexican Grill in Cottondale. We passed the construction everyday on our home so for months he has asked "is it open yet" nearly every time we pass by. His favorite thing to eat is cheese dip and chips.

Finally after several months of construction, as we passed by one evening just after dark, he noticed lights on and  cars in the parking lot and screamed out "Cheese Dip and Chips!" We were out of town on his birthday so I told him we would have dinner there for his birthday the next night.

He asked to were a "handsome shirt" for our dinner and wanted to wear a belt. I dressed him pretty good I think.


When we sat down, I ordered the Chicken and Steak Fajita's and you know what he ordered.

He told our server it was his birthday dinner. We did not expect what happened next. He asked me later why did they sing in Spanish?

Thanks Jalapeno's! It made his day!