Temperatures in Tuscaloosa on Thursday (08/21) topped 100 easily but after the sun went down it got even hotter thanks to a bucket of hits and an electric crowd. 

The Cadillac 3 stormed to the stage first with 'I'm Southern' a perfectly crafted, barn burning country song with a rock n' roll problem. From then on, the energy of the night was set at a fever pitch! The guys tore through new and old songs including 'The South' and most recent release 'Party Like You!'

Parmalee went on stage shortly afterward and by this time the crowd was good and ready for more loud, country music. The sing-a-longs could be heard on Parmalee's latest hit 'Close Your Eyes' and even greater during their first smash 'Carolina!'

Next up, the man of the hour, Jake Owen. Clad in a grey v-neck t-shirt, pink shorts and barefoot, from start to finish this country singer's Florida upbringing shown through as relaxing beach vibes were rampant in the stage setup and in his music.

Owen generously offered the crowd hit after hit from 'Beachin'' to 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' to 'Yee Haw' and this wasn't his first rodeo because he kept the crowd pumped up with the occasional "Roll Tide" and even got in a clever jab on Auburn! (See video below)

Country music lovers in attendance didn't seem to be the least bit disappointed with one minute of the show.

As a matter of fact, Jake Owen, I speak for everyone at your show in Tuscaloosa when I say, come back anytime!