It seems like this weekend was a weekend to buy phones. When I first opened up our website this morning, I was greeted with news that Scott Shepherd had gotten a new one.

As he enjoys his Samsung Galaxy S4, I joined the majority of the planet and took the plunge into to the wild world of the Apple and got the iPhone 4S.

Somewhat unsure if I would, I love it! I went from BlackBerry to a Windows Phone, which I've had for the past two years, and have always been skeptical of purchasing an Apple phone. Well, I will say that the change wasn't as drastic as it could have been thanks to my wife giving me her old iPad many months ago. If anything, that helped me to finally make the move and switch phones.

Why did I switch? I have no complaints with my Window's Phone (Samsung Focus Flash) but in the end, it was the apps. I got tired of everyone asking me to download this or check this out and I wasn't able to because I didn't have an iPhone. Sad, but yes, my decision to purchase the phone I did was thanks to people around me and their obsession with apps.

Let's see, in one day’s time, I've downloaded Words With Friends, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Ebay, Instagram, Google +, the St. Jude Fundraiser app, the Washington Redskins’ app and of course our Radio Pup app so I can join the rest of the world and carry 95.3 The Bear with me everywhere!

“Wait,” says Kimberly Madison from somewhere in this world, “what about Candy Crush Saga?”

Okay, a little history is in order. Mrs. Madison has nothing short of a junkie’s obsession with Candy Crush. The hallways of the radio station are filled with cries of “Tasty”, “Sweet” and “Delicious” (in the voice of the CC narrator) as she travels from room to room trying to draw our coworkers over to the dark side of epic time wasting! Now I hear her co-host Scott Shepherd has taken a dip in the sugary sweet pool. NO!

I also realize that since its release on November 14, 2012, Candy Crush has surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, with 45.6 million average monthly users and recently surpassed overtook Angry Birds to become the world's most popular game hitting the top spot on Facebook, iOS and the Android Play store. But unfortunately will not make an appearance on my phone. Been there, done that and wasted three weeks of my life.


I’ll instead plan to waste my time playing various listeners and friends at a challenging round of Words With Friends, blow some hard earned rest time on Instagram or spend countless hours talking to Siri and seeing how many ridiculous questions she can answer!

All in all, I dig my new phone. Goodbye Bill Gates, hello Steve Jobs.