I bought this old coffee percolator from a little flea market several years ago for $7. I have tried to find information about it online a few times over the years but always end up empty handed. The dates on it are late 1800's and early 1900's. I would like to know if it was even worth the seven buck I paid for it. The Manufacturer is Landers, Frary and Clark. The words " New Britain, Conn U.S.A" are stamped on it along with dates: PAT'D: May 22, 94 - May 11, 97 - July 12th, 98 - May 22, 06- July 16, 07 - July 16, 07 D.R.G.M No. 271008. On the other side is "Universal No. 74"

According to the New Britain Industrial Museum: " Landers, Frary & Clark innovated 3 major household items in the late 1800’s – A bread machine, the (stove top) coffee percolator and the food chopper."  The company operated from 1865 til they were bought by G.E. in 1965.

The strange thing is the glass top has the word "PYREX" on it. That's two different companies, right?

Check out the photos of my coffee percolator: