The media had an opportunity before fall camp began to see the inside of the newly renovated Mal Moore Athletic Facility where Alabama's football facilities have been upgraded to an elite level.

We'll let the videos and pictures tell most of the story, but there are a couple things we should point out first. The most impressive features of the entire complex would be the captain's lounge consisting of an arcade, pool tables, three gaming consoles, and a television made up of nine monitors, multiple hydration stations, state of the art meeting rooms, and a training and recovery area that features the latest in rehabilitation equipment.

With that said, let's take a look at the new football facilities.

The first area we walked through was the players' lounge, which is known as the 'Captain's Lounge' within the team because the captains are in charge of policing the players and keep everything in order. But this place has everything a college athlete would want to unwind - food, drinks, arcade games, NCAA Football, Madden, leather chairs and couches, pool tables, foosball tables, and a nine-monitor big screen.


One of the internet's most talked about features was the waterfalls in the hydro-therapy room. Two parallel pools that can be hot or cold at any given time. As you warm up or recover, there's a waterfall used for massaging the muscles and a television to help pass the time. 


A big emphasis has been placed on graphics and visuals since Nick Saban arrived. We've seen it in every area of the football program. The new renovations are no different. Throughout the hallways, the success achieved by past players is reminder that the process pays off.   Alabama hasn't had to deal with too many season-ending injuries since Saban has arrived in Tuscaloosa. Some of that is luck, but one look at the money and attention paid to the rehabilitation process and you can start to understand why players have stayed relatively healthy compared every season. The coolest piece of equipment is the anti-gravity treadmill. With this machine, a player's lower body is sectioned off in an anti-gravity bubble that allows you to reduce the amount of body weight placed on your legs. That means that a player suffering from a lower extremity injury can still condition and rehab without putting much stress on his injury. That's exactly what former center Barrett Jones did between the SEC Championship Game and the BCS National Championship when he was battling a foot injury.


Walking through the hall on the way to the practice fields, you pass the five core attributes to 'The Process'. 


Here are some other images from inside the football facilities.