Of all people, I've kinda been labeled the office handyman. Maybe it's because I had a hand in building my house, not sure. I am the only one here who has tools in their truck.

This being said, I've hung my fair share of pictures, tightened up a few loose door hinges and even fixed a door jam. When anyone needs something fixed, they either ask me or ask if I have the tool they need. Now I'm not saying I should have given up my job at radio and went into the field of maintenance but I'm fairly handy and might even be considered a little creative after I tell you about my newest, ingenious invention!

Kimberly Madison moved offices recently and bless her heart, she tries. She tries to get both pictures, on opposite walls, to be the same height and symmetrically pleasing to my eyes. So, I've spent some time helping her lately. Mostly hanging stuff but recently went to hang a bulletin board outside her office. Easy task but one of the hangers was missing from it and I had limited tools in my bag.

When all else fails, improvise. I went looking for a quick an easy solution and found it in the shape of two large binder clips. Simple. I attached them to her board, worked in two sheet rock screws, and hung it perfectly on the wall then blogged about it!

Kinda proud of my simple fix and felt like it was good enough for Pinterest! So please "Pin It" and follow me!










It truly is the simple things in life.