Some awards are beautiful pieces of art. Some are big; some small, some are bronze or gold and then there's our award…

Around our office we have a gaudy, solid wood key wrapped in gold duct tape and riddled with glittery, foam stars called “The Vanquisher”. The award is given out to the employee who goes over and above the call of duty. The worker bee that makes an impact on our business by doing something exceptional or for stepping up and being a leader, for having a huge “win”, for taking the initiative to be creative in solving problems or issues and for being relentless in the pursuit of doing our job to the best of our ability.

The award winner is given this key with a hanger so it can be displayed front in center on their office door.

This week, the second week of the aforementioned award, I received it. My co-workers chose to give me the award for going above and beyond and being a small part of helping raise $31,209 for the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I feel I have a God instilled passion for St. Jude and I gladly accept the award and but I also proudly share the award with my listeners that made the decision to call us and become a Partner In Hope, make a donation, or volunteer their time. I share the award with those who re-posted and re-Tweeted my posts over those two days. I share the award with my co-workers Kimberly, Scott, Charles, Jade, Brother A, and Mack. I share it with our market manager who allows us to do this two days out of every year. I share the award with my wife and son who had the patience to deal with my absence and emotions for those two days.  I share the award with Danny Thomas who had the vision and drive to start this beautiful place!

It is the single most hideous award I have ever seen but it’s ours and we proudly except it and will hang it with a smile.