I hate spiders. 1. because if they bite you, they can kill you and 2. They can make your hurt of kill yourself if they get on you. I sat down on our couch yesterday and almost died.

I'm not sure what kind of spider this was ( I say was because it is no longer here on earth with us). I just assume is was a killer. When I sat down with my Styrofoam plate loaded with a  fried bologna sandwich and chips, I reached over to set my glass of milk down on the end table and almost touched this monstrous spider.

I felt weak and my muscles froze. It must have noticed me too because it crawled about an inch and stopped. With out much thought, I did some type of Army belly roll to the right and fell off the couch. Styrofoam plate and drink still in hand and un-spilled.

I set my lunch on the opposite end table and picked up my phone. I took three pics before a grabbed a magazine from the rack and ended the spiders life. I have been double checking now every time I go to sit down anywhere in my house. All I can think of is what if this thing had been in my bed...