I met my wife in the grocery store parking lot last Thursday afternoon.  She had been in the store already and had a few items. She had a few errands to run and wanted me to grab the groceries and take the "cold stuff" home. I hurried home, unlocked the door with the bags in my hand and put the things away in the pantry. She was home in about 30 or so minutes and our evening went as usual. We bathed kids, cooked supper and all that. About 3 hours later she went to the fridge for the milk. (it was the "cold stuff"). It was not there.

I quickly realized I had left the one thing she wanted me to put away in the car! I rushed out to grab the milk and tried to assure my wife that the milk was OK. With much confidence, I put it in the fridge. It had only sat out for almost 4 hours. It was still good, right?

The next morning I saw this funny homemade 'warning' sign - my five year old called it 'pirate milk'.