Singer-Songwriter Hope Cassity dropped by our studio this morning to invite us to Tips for Tuscaloosa happening tonight at Billy's in Northport. While she was here, we requested Your Favorite Song.

We were visited by Victoria Camp earlier this week talking about Tips for Tuscaloosa tonight at Billy's. Hope Cassity, who started the event, was in studio today. She is an independent. That means she is under no record label. She doesn't need one really.

Hope plays about 200 shows a year, writes with major Nashville writers and is no stranger to promotions. She is scheduled for a 21 date Alaskan tour in the coming weeks.

She tells a back story of one of her latest songs called "Your Favorite Song". It came about from a true story about a drunk college kid requesting "Freebird" at one of her shows.


Join us tonight at Billy's for more!