Mark Zukerburg launched his vision for connecting the world on this day in 2004. "thefacebook", as it was called when it started, was a way for Harvard University students to easily meet or"connect" to other students.

Fast forward 10 years and 1.2 billion registered users later and you have the social media super giant -Facebook. CEO Mark Zukerburg is only 29. He's a billionaire personally. His company at this moment, according to Bloomberg, is siting on over 16 Billion dollars in cash. Not bad.for a 10 year old. I had 100 one dollar bills when I was 10.

He sat down with NBC's Today to talk about the highs and lows...


I was 5 years late to the game. According to my "Timeline" I joined Facebook April 9th 2009. I don't think I missed much.

Just for fun in 2014:

Facebook turns 10 years old - 1.2 Billion users

Twitter turns 8 years old - 645,750,000 users

Google turns 16! countless users