This little guy has become a widely popular Christmas tradition in homes across America. My family was introduced to The Elf on the Shelf this weekend. Brody, our 3 year old, discovered him sitting on the mantle peeping from behind the garland.  According to the story book that arrives with the elf, your child must quickly give it a name. As we read it to Brody, he chose the name "Chocolate Chip".

The book also explains why the Elf is here and his mission: to fly to the North Pole every night to report to Santa and tell him if you've been naughty or nice, then fly back and land in a different spot in your house to keep an eye on you. There is only one rule. Chocolate Chip can't be touched or his magic goes away and he won't be able to tell Santa how good you've been.

Brody let the one rule soak in for a minute and dashed to the front door and wiggled the knob. When we asked what he was doing he said he wanted to lock the doors. "Why?" we asked. He replied, "So the elf can't get out and I can catch him and touch him!" Brody seemed OK with it by bed time and found "Chip" had moved to the Christmas Tree this morning with a string of popcorn and popcorn spilled on the floor. This new tradition will last til Christmas Morning. I think I am as exited as Brody to see where Chip will land tomorrow morning! You can see what other elves have done in other kids homes here.

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