If you are a coupon-er, and have a baby, you may have seen this debacle on your favorite social media channel yesterday. Wal-Mart boasts their ad-match campaign, right? Dollar General ran an ad in their latest circular and Wal-Mart refused to match it. Awkward.

My wife loves a coupon deal. She was alerted to a rare coupon find via a Facebook friend yesterday. Dollar General listed this ad in their latest circular (June 29, 2014 — July 06)

My wife's Facebook friend boasted in a post that she took the DG ad to Wal-Mart and racked up on several GIANT cases of the diapers because Wal-Mart ad matches (the diapers she bought were over $37 per box!) And after all, the DG ad plainly states $9.50- All counts and sizes. She made out like a bandit.

It didn't work for my wife. She stopped at Dollar General and grabbed a circular then quickly made her way to the treacherous aisles of Wal-Mart - she was greeted with this letter, taped to the diaper rack.:

She was a little let down. She would have never stood in line to argue with a cashier over a diaper coupon. She re-visited her friends Facebook page and saw posst where apparently, some people did argue and  insisted Wal-Mart not change the rules and honor their ad match policy and got the discount.

Should Wal-Mart have honored all those coupons (ad matched)?