Do we need a social network for neighbors only? Nirav Tolia thinks so and so do a few investors. He is the president and CEO of the 2 year old neighbor networking site "Nextdoor". Nextdoor has raised over 100 million dollars in the last eight months.

Nextdoor wants you and your neighborhood to be connected. Borrow a cup of molasses, hire a kid to split firewood, put together a block party...whatever. I guess it could be a good thing. According to "With 22,500 neighborhoods (and one-in-seven in the U.S.) now using Nextdoor to create private websites where locals can ask questions, get to know one another and exchange advice and recommendations, Nextdoor is ready to go international"

The only problem I see is this could be another drain on my time. I barley have time to update Facebook or Twitter.

Do you think you and your happy neighbors could benefit from Nextdoor?