George Matyk took time out of his day to share the awesomeness of his 1981 DeLorean with Madison and Shepherd. Thank you sir.

George bought his car from DeLorean Motor Company Florida in Bonita Springs in 2012. There are 5 dealers in the US. He had some modifications like exhaust and a couple inches of lowering done.

He allowed us to snap pics and even sit in the famous car. I did not realize the engine is not under the hood! It is in the back. The DeLorean has only about a 3 inch road clearance! The windows do not "let down", instead there is a small window built inside the big door window that moves up and down. Not practical for a drive thru!

George joined us in studio for a few minutes:

We have invited George to join us in the next parade we are involved with in Tuscaloosa. Check out the photos:

DeLorean Arriving: