I talked earlier this week about a Jamaican Goat recipe. I posted it on our site. a friend of mine, Raji Singh, sent me an email that changed my day. He offered to bring me a sample of home made Indian goat curry. At 11:15 Friday morning he arrived.

Raj's is no stranger to cooking. He owns Dickey's BBQ in Taylorville and the new Dickey's BBQ opening soon in Midtown. He also owns the Indian restaurant Sitar on 15th street.

His family comes from India. Although you won't find goat on any of his restaurant menus, his mother has cooked Indian food at her house his entire life. He explained to me that his parents growing up in India, ate goat like we eat beef.

He happen to hear me talking about never trying goat. His mom just happened to have cooked a Curry Goat with basmati rice the night before. Raji stopped by his moms, made me a "to-go" plate and delivered it to the 95.3 The Bear Studios. Ed Ramsey from our sister station WTUG smelled the aroma and followed down the hall. He had a plate too.

I must say it was different. The meat was tender and the curry and ginger were perfect! The basmati rice set if off topped with the gravy from the slow cooked goat meat.

I have to say thanks to Raji! I've told everyone I've seen today about it.