The 4th Annual Beat Auburn Beat Hunger 5K and Fun Run is coming up Sunday afternoon!  This year there's is a new twist, CRAZY SOCKS!!

So, do you have a really loud pair of socks hiding in your drawer? Here's your chance to show them off! If not, have fun with it, buy a pair or even make a pair. I'm thinking, get a pair of grandpa knee socks and a black and red sharpie. Then, draw stuff, tattoo like. Heck, tie dye a pair of white socks.  Lots of options. The funkiest socks will be up for awards! Plus, just think of all the strange stares, as run through campus with those wild socks on!  Now, if you don't want to wear the funky socks, no problem.  Just join us to run for the cause!

Meet up with us this Sunday (10/19) at the University of Alabama lower rec. center parking lot, on Campus Drive East. The race is at 1pm (registration starts at 12). All participants will receive a BABH water bottle! Post-race refeshments will be served. Awards for Male and Female Age Divisions, Team, and Funkiest Socks(1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be given.

Registration Information:
$20 registration fee for individuals
$15 registration fee for teams of 3 or more people (15 per person on the team) ,
$10 registration fee for the fun run!


Register at or on the day of the event!


No doubt, this is a fun way to support the cause of: (1) beating Auburn; and (2) helping to stock the West Alabama Food Bank!  For those who aren't familiar with the drive, it's actually a challenge between Auburn University and University of Alabama, to see who can collect more for their local food bank.  More info, click here.