In July, I had the opportunity to interview country newcomer Joe Bachman. He walked into my studio with his guitarist and keyboardist, a gigantic smile and a bigger story to tell.

During our conversation my eyes were drawn to what he was wearing, a black t-shirt with a military helmet and the words 'The Boot Campaign' printed across it. When I asked him to explain the shirt, he proceeded to tell me about his song 'A Soldier's Memoir' and gave me a short history lesson on our nation's military, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the plight of 'The Boot Campaign.'

Organizations like 'The Boot Campaign' offer assistance to our returning military men and women by helping with things like career placement, housing, family support, urgent assistance and wellness.

Below is the video for Bachman's 'A Soldier's Memoir.' I watched with tears in my eyes but when the video ended, I educated myself and wrote this blog and decided to be more proactive.