Chief  Bart Marshall and recently appointed public information officer, Capt. Jason Norris with Northport Fire Rescue stopped in the 95.3 The Bear Studio this morning to help spread a life saving message.It's the nation wide "Change Your Clock Change Your Battery" campaign. In short, when you change your clocks for daylight saving time this weekend, change your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors batteries too.

Capt. Norris said "Every year nearly 3000 people die in residential fires and out of those fire deaths 2/3's are from smoke detectors that are inoperable." Energizer has provided batteries and The NFR will be out in the community Saturday knocking on doors and asking to inspect smoke detectors. They will replace or help install batteries if needed.

Northport residents can call (205) 333-3020.

Hear Capt Norris's comments below.