WIN a 5 Day Cruise Tomorrow on 95.3 The Bear!
LOCAL TUSCALOOSA WINNERS on 953 The Bear have been winning 5 DAY Cruises for more than 30 days.  The winning continues for 2 MORE DAYS taking people from Cottondale to Cozumel.  The cruise will leave from New Orleans and travel to Yucatan and Cozumel in Mexico for 5 days of fun in the sun.…
Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run Announces Tuscaloosa Tour Stop
All of us at 95.3 the Bear had a blast when the Insane Inflatable 5k came to Tuscaloosa last April, so when race organizers told us they had a kids version in store for 2016, they had our interest perked! We're thrilled to help announce the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run will bounce in…
5 Creepy Urban Legends to Spook You This Halloween
Ah, Halloween: the one time of year when it’s completely appropriate to scare the fecal matter out of loved ones and friends. If your goal is to make sure children can’t sleep at night, a disturbing urban legend is just the ammunition you need.
Meet the First Winners of our Cash Contest
We’ve been giving away cash two times a day throughout the month of May on-air! We’ve compiled a list of our winners so far, but we’re not done yet! There are still plenty of opportunities to win a grand on-air and $10,000 online. Check out the full list of winners below.
Don’t Forget to Use Your Points!
Dear Bear VIP club member,
This is a friendly reminder that the points system as part of the Bear VIP club will be discontinued next week and all points will expire on April 15th.
There are still a number of fantastic giveaways running through April 15th that are available only to&…

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