Morning Minute – October 24th, 2013
October 24th, 2013
Big Ticket Thursday! Be the 3rd caller every time you hear a song by Willie Nelson and you could win tickets to see him and Merle Haggard in concert tonight!
FORECAST: Sunny. 72F/39F
LOCAL:  University of Alabama denies photo appearing on it's website has been photo shopped…
Morning Minute – October 23rd, 2013
October 23rd, 201
FORECAST: Sunny. 66F/39F
LOCAL:  Tuscaloosa County double murder victims suffered gun shot wounds.
STATE: Final Voter ID rules issued in for Alabama.

NATIONAL:  Young girl found living with gypsies may be missing daughter of Missouri couple...
Morning Minute – October 22nd, 2013
October 22nd, 201
FORECAST: Partly Cloudy. 75F/46F
LOCAL:  Victims identified in Saturday's double murder and homicide.
STATE:  Man hospitalized after police chase on I/59 and telling police he was high and never be taken alive.

NATIONAL:  Nevada student shoots teacher dead, wounds t…
Morning Minute – October 21st, 2013
October 21st, 2013
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-Free Music Monday! Darn Near Impossible Trivia at 6:50
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LOCAL:  Double Murder/Suicide committed by former Sheriff's Deputy.
STATE:  Alabama Lawmakers look to phase out textbooks...
Morning Minute – October 16th, 2013
October 16th, 2013
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FORECAST: Mostly Cloudy. 81F/63F
LOCAL:  University of Alabama Police investigating beating of former marine.
STATE:  WWII helmet returned from France to Cherokee county.

NATIONAL:  Head republicans lose votes to raise the debit limit.…
Morning Minute – October 15th, 2013
October 15th, 2013
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-Refresh App will blow your mind
FORECAST: Mostly Cloudy. 81F/63F
LOCAL:  Tuscaloosa candidate says 397 voters were bribed in municipal election.
STATE:  'Beat Auburn/Beat Hunger' underway...
Morning Minute – October 14th, 2013
October 14th, 2013
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-Free Music Monday
-New App that helps you deceive people into thinking you're on top of things
-Google to begin using your name to advertise products you've purchased
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