Google Docs Introduces Add Ons
I use Google Drive...a lot. It links with my Google ID and works really well on my Android phone. I can access pictures, documents and presentations from anywhere. It was already cool but yesterday I noticed a new tab called "Add Ons". If you are into ease and convince, take a look…
Your iPhone Knows When You Arrived And When You Left
Maybe this is common knowledge to most folks, but I just discovered this little nugget over the weekend while trying to find out why my phone was using so much data.
For three consecutive months, I've had to increase my data plan and I've noticed a higher than normal battery drain (I usuall…
Facebook Turns 10 Today
Mark Zukerburg launched his vision for connecting the world on this day in 2004. "thefacebook", as it was called when it started, was a way for Harvard University students to easily meet or"connect" to other students.
An ‘Ugly Baby’ Joke on Google Chromecast
I got a cool device from Google for Christmas. The Chromecast. It allows you to 'cast' certain apps from your phone to your HDTV. Seeing as how Google owns YouTube, I've been casting a lot of YouTube videos. I landed on a channel featuring old comedians.

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