Top 5 Facebook Games I Get Invited to Play and Don’t
I get several invitations to play a Facebook game of some sort on a weekly basis. I never play Facebook games. I don't know what any of these games are. I got another invitation to play "Bubble Galaxy Quest" this morning and decided to see what the fuss is all about.
Google For Kids is on The Way
USA Today reported yesterday that Google is working full time to create specific versions of its most popular products for kids 12 and younger. Google handles over 40,000 searches per second. Would you guess some of those are being done by kids?
Snapchat Introduces Snapcash
I'm on Snapchat. I don't use it that often. I may get a message from my sister once or twice a week. On Monday, the photo messaging app introduced us to Snapcash. I may not ever use this new feature, but it's still cool. I am a fan of convenience and technology.

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