Find Stars With Your Smartphone
Have you ever looked up in the sky and wondered exactly which star you were looking at? That happened to me today. I did a quick search and found a cool app called Sky Map this morning. If you've ever wanted to identify a particular star or planet in the night sky, this app does the job.
SHUSH! The App You Didn’t Know You Needed.
I have had it happen. My phone rings at the wrong time. It's happened in a meeting, in church, in a restaurant and even while I'm in the studio on air. I don't always turn my ringer off out of habit I guess. I'm scared I'll forget to turn it back on and miss an important cal…
Apple Expected to Launch Original Programming With iPhone 7
Every year Apple announces a new iPhone at a big keynote event. Sometimes it’s an incremental update, like the iPhone 6S announced last September. Other times, like this year when Apple will announce the iPhone 7, it’s a big leap forward in technology. While there have been many rumors…
Would Your Kid Know This is a Phone?
I was in the tag office on 7th last week and snapped a pic of this dated desk phone on top of a stack of phone books. Why? Well, because I hadn't seen one in a log time. There was something nostalgic about the old yellow phone.
Virtual Reality – My Son’s Coolest Christmas Gift
Remember the View Master from days gone by? It changed the way we looked a pictures, right? Santa dropped off a souped up version at my house Christmas morning that will change things once again. I played with it more than my son, I think. It was my introduction to Virtual Reality.

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