Damn you COWBELL, your ring so loud.
Damn you Cowbell, how can you be proud?
Damn you Cowbell, Miss State's illegal noise-maker,
Damn you Cowbell, I'm bringing a Bama shaker!
-Wild Bill
Nick On The Bear! #WildBillShow
It's Nick on the Bear every Monday on the Wild Bill Show.  This week Saban focuses on a trip to Starkville....“Mississippi State is a really good team as they’ve won seven games this year. (Head coach) Dan (Mullen) has done a really good job in the years that he&Close…
Bama WINS Slobber-Knocker!!! #WildBillShow
Bama has not allowed a TD in the 1st half of a SEC game, and it's dang November!!!  We've now seven straight against the Tigers while losing some of our LB's.  Nick Saban's face after the game showed concern and injury is the worst part of our great game
WB’s Friday Night RoundUP! #WildBillShow
Last night in the 8 mile war, Gordo won 44-12 victory over rival Pickens County.  The Tornadoes scored on the first play of the game, but the Greewaves Rolled in the second half holding Pickens County scoreless.
Northside beat Holy Spirit, 35-7, running back John Robertsonhad 140 …
They call it “The 8 Mile War!” #WildBillShow
They call it..."The 8 Mile War!"  Gordo vs Pickens County, the last game of the regular season and it's tonight.  Gordo and Pickens County are both 8-1 and have been ranked in the top 10 all season long.
The Greenwave bring an 8 game winning streak while PC has d…

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