Which Hit Country Song Are You
Today, while spending an unfortunate amount of time on Facebook I saw a quiz, that asks you questions and determines which hit country song you are based on your answers.
Scott Shepherd Ate A Moldy Apple Pie
I'm not proud of this but I do find it quite humerus.  My wife and I bought a couple apple tarts from the farmers market Saturday. We shared one of them Saturday evening. Homemade goodness is what is was. I let the other sit on the counter. until yesterday.
My Son Bought This Birthday Card for His Cousin
Over the weekend, my nephew Camden celebrated his birthday and since he's reached the age of  'Shut-Up and Give Me The Money', I took my son Zachary to buy his cousin a birthday card to hold the cash.
Several of the birthday greetings I picked out didn't appear to impress my son, including the one th…
Walmart Shaming: Chewed Up Chicken Bone on a Snackeez!
For whatever reason, my friend Shea always finds the best (or worst depending on your point of view) that Walmart has to offer. On her last visit, she was lucky enough to experience a gentleman hoisting his foot up on the same conveyor belt she was loading her groceries on...
Scott’s Must See Cat Video – No Kidding
We 'adopted' a kitten several months ago. I'm not really a cat person. It lives outside. I feed and water it multiple times a day.  It a pretty good cat. I took a quick video of the cat doing something I have never seen IN MY LIFE.

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