Rediscovering Jerry Seinfeld
I watched "Sunday Morning" yesterday on CBS. Correspondent Anthony Mason was interviewing Jerry Seinfeld. I've been a fan of his since the early days of his show. In the interview, they talked about Seinfeld's web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee&…
Brody Lived a Jimmy Buffet Song at Muleday in Gordo
This past Saturday, my family and I went to Gordo for Muleday-Chickenfest. It was great as usual. Kimberly Madison met us there as we were broadcasting live on 95.3 The Bear. Brody had a big time with homemade ice cream, snow cones and a hand held bubble blowing gun. He wore flip flops.
Christmas Gifts Gone Bad
My son Brody got a set of small plastic cars for a Christmas gift. I found a pic and video on my phone this morning that I thought was pretty funny. I took them back around the first of the year. Let's just say the set of 10 little pull back racers didn't last long in the hands of a 5 year…

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