No Jingle to Wild Bill’s Bell
Ever so often radio stations order a new Jingle Package and it's like Christmas Day to me honestly.  This year, I received no package, no gift and there is no jingle to my bell.
"Jingle's" are a sing sound that you'll hear now on 95...
Have You Ever Heard of Northport’s Loch Ness Monster?
This photo was taken in 1972 by the late Andrew Roberson, showing what he believed to be a friendly "Loch Ness-type Monster" in Northwood Lake, now a subdivision, in Northport, AL.
Most believe this to be some sort of floating object, but those in attendance on that late evening of …
The Top 10 Places In Tuscaloosa To Get Your Love On
Seeing that we are less than two weeks away from Valentines Day, and romance is in the air, I thought that now would be a good time to compile a list of my 10 favorite places in Tuscaloosa to get your "LOVE" on!
On a public service note, if you do go to any one of these pl…
WATCH Popcorn Popping at Super Slow-mo Speeds {MUST SEE VIDEO}
Check out this super cool vid of an individual kernel of corn is popped in super slow motion, 1,250 times slower than what our eyes see regularly and the result is magic.
"I believe that slow motion and ultra slow motion videos give us a look into a world which we normally cannot see but we know…

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