Give Scott the Jackass
My wife and her sisters were invited over to their grandparents house last weekend to "go through" a few things. Her grandparents are moving and wanted the girls to get a few things they wanted. The one item that Granny sent to me made me laugh.
How Long Can a Gallon of Milk Sit Out
I met my wife in the grocery store parking lot last Thursday afternoon.  She had been in the store already and had a few items. She had a few errands to run and wanted me to grab the groceries and take the "cold stuff" home.
Dollar General – Wal-Mart Ad Match Debacle
If you are a coupon-er, and have a baby, you may have seen this debacle on your favorite social media channel yesterday. Wal-Mart boasts their ad-match campaign, right? Dollar General ran an ad in their latest circular and Wal-Mart refused to match it. Awkward.
Dear Kitten – Friskies Video Goes Viral
Friskies latest commercial is more of a cool 3 min story than an advertisement. Friskies brand cat food teamed up with content giant BuzzFeed to create this viral video. I'm not a cat lover (nor hater) but I enjoyed all 3 minutes of this. Well Done.

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