My Wife is More Talented Than She Thinks
My wife Randi has always insisted she was not a "craft" person. Meaning, She loves homemade stuff but she thinks she isn't good at making it herself. She was inspired to give the craft of wreath making a try after seeing one she liked hanging on someones door. After a qui…
Hank Williams Jr has ALWAYS Been Talented
I found this video of Hank Williams Jr. on YouTube last night. We all know the shades of chrome and guitar of steel Hank that was "Born to Boogie", but if you are like me, you haven't seen him very often in his early years as an artist.
Hamming It up at Townsquare Media
We all were given a nice surprise this morning at work. A Zeigler Buffet Ham for Christmas! One of our sales reps, Joy, passed them out. We were pretty excited. Just-a-Buck Justin also got a ham from Zeigler.
Don’t Miss Next Months Yellowhammer Live!
Last night was awesome at The Yellowhammer Inn at the monthly series "Yellowhammer Live". Shawna P and Adam Tyler Browne were the guest artist. Shawna is tremendous talent. I had only seen her on TV and YouTube until last night. She blew me away! Next months Yellowhammer Live …

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