13 Things to Do on a Snow Day in Tuscaloosa
Whether work or school, a break is always welcome; but every now and then, you don't know what to do with yourself with unexpected free time. Here are a few things you can enjoy on a snow day in Tuscaloosa.
After 6pm on 95.3 The Bear!
Join us tonight at 6:45pm for a special report about Roy Moore and what he sent to many broadcast radio stations today.  Remember a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for Friday 3am-6pm.  Tomorrow morning beginning at 5am our LIVE coverage begins of "SNOWFLAKE WATCH 2017&…
Tuscaloosa To Ease Up On Severity Of Marijuana Punishment?
Could Tuscaloosa soon be lessening it's punishment for those getting caught with some Mary Jane?  The answer is maybe.
During the Tuscaloosa City Council’s Legislative Breakfast earlier this morning, Mayor Walt Maddox, and others in city government, highlighted several issues that are facing City Hal…
93% Listen to Radio Daily
Did you know RADIO reaches 93% of Americans every single day?  93% of American adults use RADIO on a daily basis according to a December 2017 Nielson report.  
95.3 The Bear is committed to serving Tuscaloosa with honest, up front news and traffic reporting on a daily basis...
Great News If You Travel On I-20/59
Driving on I-20/59 can at times be an absolute pain....especially if you're caught in a total standstill. However, I-20/59 motorists might be getting a bit of relief soon. That's because transportation officials say that new electronic message boards will be arriving in January, …
Tuscaloosa Shooting, Police Searching for Suspect
Tuscaloosa Police are investigating a mid-day shooting at 3300 Stillman Boulevard in West Tuscaloosa.  According to Don Hartley, the location is believed to be a construction and more information is coming.
Investigators have identified William Darryl Eubanks as a suspect...

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