Alabama Crimson Tide

SEC Football Wins, Bama Dominates Again
The Headline: SEC Football Wins past 5 Seasons
Wild Bill Show Takeaways:
A: WOW, It's good to be a Bama fan!
B: Everyone below Missouri should be ashamed.
C: How great is this Bama/Georgia, Kirby/Saban matchup!
D: Time for FL & TN to win again, SEC needs 2b strong.
Northport Animal Control Officer Injured
Northport Police Department’s animal control officer has been in the hospital for the past 5 days after being bitten by a dog.
According to the Tuscaloosa News, Assistant Chief Keith Carpenter said the officer responded to a call of two dogs at large in the 2800 block of 22nd Ave…
Alabama Rolls Into The 2018 Playoffs
Alabama Softball continues it's 20 year run of post season play.  The Tide has hosted 14 years in a row and the Tide's journey starts off versus MTSU.
GAME SCHEDULE (All Times Central):
Friday, May 18th
6 p.m. – Wisconsin vs...
Orlando… A Dream Trip
I was talking with a good friend of mine named Hugh Hill (you've probably heard of him, he's known for being a bouncer on the Strip in Ttown shouting, "Little ones line up and big ones bunch up if you want some!") and he says Orlando is a dream trip for a Bama fan...

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