Alabama Crimson Tide

Bama WINS Slobber-Knocker!!! #WildBillShow
Bama has not allowed a TD in the 1st half of a SEC game, and it's dang November!!!  We've now seven straight against the Tigers while losing some of our LB's.  Nick Saban's face after the game showed concern and injury is the worst part of our great game
LSU/Bama Lets STACK UP the MATCH UP #WildBillShow
Alabama opens a 3 Touchdown favorite according to "rat poison" in Vegas today.  Nick Saban say it was a god week to be off to prepare for LSU who brings lots of pre-snap movement that he calls "eye-candy."
Alabama began the new week of practice with an hour an…
Florida and Coach Mac, parting ways?
Hey, I know we owe you money but we wanna get rid of you so could we give you less money...pretty please?" Is this like a dude that wants to break up with a girl saying.."Hey, lets break up and I'd like the ring back and could you pay for tonights meal during our discussions c…

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