For the second week in a row, Texas country comes to Tuscaloosa! Doors open at 9 tonight for the Casey Donahew Band at The Jupiter.

Texas country is not much different from normal country music except that it's made by Texans in Texas.

The Wikipedia definition describes Texas country as, "a rapidly growing sub-genre of American country music. Texas country is known for fusing traditionalist root sounds (similar to neotraditional country) with the outspoken, care-free views of outlaw country."

That's all well and good but tonight, regardless of where they're from, Casey Donahew Band are gonna put on an intense, rockin' show that you need to go to! The last time they were in town I went to the show and was blown away. The band was as musically tight as any I've heard and their energy is infectious!

Doors open at 9pm tonight and tickets are $12 CASH. It is a 19 and up show.
Check The Jupiter website to see what shows are coming up!