Yesterday afternoon my wife walked across the street to speak with our neighbor as the kids played in their yard. I was finishing up pressure washing our front sidewalk and noticed our neighbor and my wife staring and tapping on a plant hanging from their porch.

I was curious and shut the pressure washer down to walk over. Our neighbor explained that there was a bird nest in the plant and the mama bird sitting on her little blue eggs would sometimes fly out and scare her to death. She was tapping to ensure the mama bird was not in there. She then reached up and pulled the plant down and the nest had three baby birds in it!

 I'm guessing the baby birds thought we had food because their mouths were open.  It was cool because their eyes were not even open yet. We called the kids over to take a look. They were genuinely excited. I wrestled my phone from my pocket and snapped a few pics before the plant was gently placed back on its hanger.

I say all that to say this: We are bombarded everyday with bad news, from within our nations schools to our nations capitol. Sometimes you have to dig a little to find the good in the world. Seeing these baby birds and sharing it with 3 young kids was a little sign to me  that things really aren't to far gone and that God is awesome.