With this years Black Friday under our belt, today 'Cyber Monday', Christmas shoppers can expect to see some super deals online. This is a sales day I don't mind taking part in. Just as there are tips for Black Friday shoppers, I found a few Cyber Monday tips on Mashable.com

Comscore.com reports that "Last year on Cyber Monday, Americans spent $1.46 Billion-- The Heaviest U.S. Online Spending Day in History" and According to Mashable.com, below are a few tips to help you avoid scams as our online spending this year is anticipated to break another record.

1. Don't Click on Pop-up Ads

2. Keep Software Up-To-Date

3. Use Strong Passwords

4. Install Antivirus and Anti-Spyware software

5. Enable 'Timeouts' on Mobile

6. Use a Secure Connection

7. Avoid Email Advertisements

8. Shop at Companies You Know

9. Use Credit, Not Debit

10. Ensure Your Site Is Secure

Check out Mashable's entire list and a little explanation on them all. We can avoid getting hacked this year by following a few of these suggestions. Happy shopping!