I started the Resurrection series when it debuted a few weeks ago. I watched the latest episode last night and things got a bit more weird. Not that loved ones coming back from the dead isn't strange enough but......

WARNING: Episode Spoiler Alert!!!!

Two main things happened. Pastor Tom's old girlfriend was pregnant when she died and   crazy Caleb spent last night's episode in jail after his bank robbery, murder and hide out in previous episodes. While locked securely in his cell, Caleb vanished into thin air.

This is where is gets weird to me. I get it, people getting a second chance at life is a pretty strange concept. The fact that we don't know if these people returning are from some spiritual place or some form of alien invader keeps me watching. Was Caleb transported to the mother ship or swept back to the spirit world? He told the good sheriff and Bellamy that "More were coming". If this turns out to be an alien show, I may be done. We'll see.

What do you think? Are the resurrected from heaven or the cosmos? Is Caleb really evil? Will Jacob vanish too? What will Tom do when he finds out about the baby?

I can't wait to see this Sunday's turn of events!