My wife and I were visiting an old friend Sunday afternoon. He lives in North Alabama but stays in an apartment while in Tuscaloosa.

We were sitting on his porch for a while and decided to let our some Brody go for a swim. We went inside to get ready and my wife left her iPhone in the cup holder of a folding chair.

We were inside about 10 min and as I walked back outside I saw three young kids running around the side of the building. I didn't think much of it. As we were about to head to the pool, my wife starts looking for her phone. It was gone! I just assumed the kids took it.

Our old friend and I walked over to the apartment complex next to his and started asking some people a few questions. We were assured that if anyone saw a phone they would let us know. I gave them my number and pretty much ruled out the possibility of the phones return.

As we made our way back we saw one of ladies we had spoken to come wheeling up in a van waiving the phone! She found the kids and got the phone back and actually brought it to us! I still can't believe it.

How crazy? She didn't have to bother with it at all but stepped up to the plate. Thank you. There are some good people left