Each week, 95.3 The Bear and Pepsi will spotlight ‘A Southern Original’ featuring an up and coming country artist and delve into their music and history.

There aren't many artists out there currently as talked about as Sturgill Simpson. The buzz started to generate prior to the release of his current record Metamodern Sounds In Country Music. But on its release date of May 13th, it seemed as if a hole in the musical universe opened up and instantly gave birth to this real-deal guy who's taking country back to its roots and beyond!

Suddenly, music sounded new and exciting again! Sturgill approaches the microphone with a quiet soul reminiscent of 70s era country singers who had conversations with their audiences. Make no mistake, he has been compared to Waylon Jennings and the comparison is fair but Sturgill Simpson sounds like Sturgill Simpson.

Raised in Jackson, Kentucky there's no denying his connection to the south. Simpson spent some time serving our country in the US Navy and formed a bluegrass band back in 2004 called Sunday Valley.

He knows his way around a guitar and is a master of skillfully crafting lyrics that match a certain situation you've probably gone through in your life and he doesn't need a room full of writers to help him do it. He lives it, feels it.

For example, on 'Life of Sin' he sings,

A little happiness, a little love was all I wanted
Sure as Hell thought I'd found it but I was wrong
She left my heart feeling taunted and my memories all haunted
But it's her I have to thank for all my songs

From start to finish, Metamodern Sounds... is a like a psychedelic journey through the mind of a bar stool dreamer, fighting sobriety and living life full on, all while resting on a back beat provided by the ghosts of 70s country heroes.

Let me close by saying, the first time I saw Simpson and his band live was at Iron City in Birmingham. That night, I felt my musical landscape shift. Like the first time I ever put on Willie Nelson's 'Stardust' record, watched Pink Floyd 'The Wall,' and the first time I ever heard the Sex Pistols. For father's day I received a vinyl copy of Simpson's first release High Top Mountain and more recently ordered Metamodern Sounds In Country Music and I recommend you do the same.

Take a break from the mundane and familiarize yourself with this young troubadour who may just take over the music world.