Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts and Witches are pretty common Halloween costumes. I want to see your imagination at work this year. I come up with 5 Halloween costumes I would like to see at my door on Oct 31st.


1. Someone please dress up like James Spann. Black pants, white shirt, suspenders, and an bald wig. Holding an iPad....Done.

2. I need to see Flo from the Progressive commercials. White pants and shirt, a white apron with the blue words "Progressive" on it, a black wig and over the top red lipstick...Done.

3. With the new Anchorman movie coming, I must see Ron Burgundy. A Polyester Leisure Suit and a glue on mustache similar to that of Tom Selleck ...Done

4. Moving away from people to objects. Would it be that hard to take a few old cardboard boxes and turn your self into...DENNY CHIMES?!

5. A Slab of Dreamland Ribs...not sure how to pull this off but it would be cool!