Wow. I'm a horrible, horrible person because I laughed really hard when I reached the end of the video. Our young tutor Tori, attempts to offer instruction on the proper method of using a curling iron without crimping the end of your hair. You probably won't want to follow her suggestions.

Tori deserves props for the way she handled the situation. I've actually seen something similar happen to a friend of mine and she didn't handle her melted bangs with quite the same amount of poise.

While I've never burned a chunk of my hair off, I have had a nighthair (see what I did there?). My mother once took me to get a spiral perm at the Cozy Nook in Coker and only one side of my hair decided to cooperate. I had bouncy ringlets on one side and straw on the other. The look was...interesting.

Got a similar experience? Let me know in the comments below and I might share your story in the morning on Madison and Shepherd.